Marquette 2021406-001 Compatible Adapter Cable

Marquette 2021406-001 Compatible Adapter Cable

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Sensoronics SC-GEOX-8 Replaces GE / Marquette P/N 2021406-001

8ft Interface Adapter Cable
Rectangle 11P to DB9F



C&S: E710P-210

GE - Marquette: 2021406-001, 2021406-002, 2025350-001

Pacific Medical: NXMQ101, NXMQ4526

Tenacore: TCEO-0110-1521


Compatible Models:

Draeger: Narkomed 6400

GE: Dash 2500, Dash 3000, Dash 4000, Dash 5000, Eagle Systems, i/9500, Procare B40, SOLAR, Solar 8000, Solar 8000M, Tram 451, Tram 851, x50SL Series

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