O2 Sensor: SS-12CC For use with: Criticare Monitors

SS-12CC for use with: Criticare Monitors

SS-12CC Medical Oxygen Sensors
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High Quality Oxygen Sensor

SS-12 O2 Sensor OEM compatible with:

  • Analytical Industries: PSR-11-917-J
  • Ceramatec: CAG-12
  • City Technologies: MOX-9, R-24
  • Envitec: OOM202
  • Datex-Ohmeda: 6051-0000-222
  • Hamilton Medical: 396008, 396009, HM-12
  • Hudson RCI: 5566, V-12
  • Integral Process: 65016
  • IMT Medical: PF300
  • Maxtec: MAX-12 R109P45
  • Mercury Medical: 10-103-06
  • MSA: 472062,470644
  • Nuova: E-17/M
  • Pacifitech: PT-12A
  • Siemens: 9004979-E347E, 6419332-E380E
  • Sensidyne: SV-12A
  • SensorTech: ST-01
  • Spacelabs: 90513
  • Taema: YR049700
  • Teledyne: R24 MED, B-62321
  • Ventrex: V-12A
  • Viamed: R-24Med
  • VTI Vascular Technology: 103100

Medical Oxygen Sensor Cross Reference Chart

Sensor Specifications

Warranty: 12 Month Unconditional Warranty

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